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Liberty Swatch Sample Pack

Liberty Swatch Sample Pack

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These packs contain 100 Liberty sample swatches. Each swatch is 19 x 15cm and pinked around the edges - that's around  2.8 square metres of Liberty fabric.

There's a huge variety in each pack including current designs and many vintage ones we've never seen.  There are very few, if any, doubles in each pack and they are perfect for scrappy quilt projects, paper piecing and slow stitching projects!  Every pack is slightly different and contains a variety colour collections. They have all been hand curated to make sure there is an excellent selection in each pack.

Each piece has a small sticker in the corner.  This can be peeled off, or pressed with a warm iron then peeled off.  There is no mark left on the fabric but the sticky residue can be removed with soap, rubbing alcohol, or laundry detergent carefully rubbed with a tea towel.  The sticker can also be easily cut around for many patterns.

This is a wonderful way to make a scrappy Liberty project without having to invest in larger pieces!

Packs are will not be exactly the same as the photographs but the overall selection will be similar.

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