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Les Panneaux

Les Panneaux

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Simplicity is key for this quilt, especially with it’s construction…

The only stitch used throughout is a running stitch and the rhythmic repetition of gliding the needle in and out makes this project both soothing and straightforward.

This simplicity allows your choice of fabric to shine!

The name "Les Panneaux" is french for "The Panels" and the project is “built” using a series of SlowStitched panels. The final size is dependent upon the number of panels you decide to create!

Each panel is 24 x 20 inches (61cm x 51cm)

There are enough materials for 2 panels in each pack, which includes fabric selections and calico backing.

You'll also get a free Les Panneaux instruction class in the School of SlowStitching which is usually $20 and includes lots of tips and a downloadable PDF. The code for this will arrive with your kit.

This is the number of kit packs you will need to create each of the following projects:

PRAM COVERLET or a PAIR OF CUSHIONS - 1 pack (40" x 24")

TABLE RUNNER - 2 packs (80" x 24")

LAP QUILT - 2 packs (40" x 48")

THROW - 3 packs (60" x 48")

COT QUILT - 4 packs (48" x 80")

SINGLE BED - 8 packs (80" x 88")

DOUBLE BED - 16 packs (160" x 172")

You can make any other project in any shape you like, and you'll have enough for around 120 x 50cm or 48" x 20".  Please measure the size of your desired project before purchasing to ensure accuracy as sizes can vary depending on the maker.

 So all you'll need to do to get started to is:

1. Choose your colour scheme - Buy as many as you need 

2. Choose the size of your project - Sizes above can vary depending on the maker

3. Choose your backing - Linen backing prices are calculated at $30 per metre


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