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Hippity Hop Pattern

Hippity Hop Pattern

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Hippity Hop is a slow stitched Easter Bag which featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine and has been a favourite with Forage customers. It's completely hand stitched and uses a variety of new and vintage textiles.


Calico - 80cm x 40cm

Cottage Garden Threads, six-stranded cotton: LM22-Ivy, LM24-Aeonium, AK07-Quinn, AK15-Ezra

A mixture of vintage and upcycled textiles in lightweight, natural fibres succh as cotton and linen.

A mixture of embroidery threads in colours that complement your fabric choice for slow stitching. • A mixture of vintage and upcycled buttons, lace, doileys, ribbons etc for embellishing your cottage. • Recommended needles:

- for slow stitching a No.22 Chenille.
- for embroidery a Size 8 Milliners Needle.

NOTE: This Pattern is available as a Paper Pattern OR a Downloadable PDF Pattern. Paper Patterns will be sent to you via post. Downloadable PDF patterns will be emailed to you once you have processed your payment at checkout.

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