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Cafe Coton


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The most beautiful old, soft cotton cafe curtain is the “hero” piece I designed this pack around... its faded colours of aqua, teal, emerald, lime, orange and coral are a simply a joy!

Other pieces in the pack include:
- aqua/white check linen
- emerald/lime woven cotton check tablecloth
- aqua linen
- boucle sample pieces with a combination of aqua/orange warp and weft
- cotton lattice print in emerald on a neutral background

Also included is a piece of vintage “le puy” lace made in the Haute-Loire region of France.

This pack measures approx 58x63cm (23x25in) when laid out side by side, and includes 9 different pieces of varying sizes & ages.

1. These are packs are limited editions and available in small quantities only, because I only have a finite amount of each fabric available. Some collections have only 10 packs available while others have more. However, what is absolute is that once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.
2. Some of the vintage fabrics may contain marks and imperfections, due to their age and having been repaired many times over. At Forage we consider these imperfections a testament to a life well lived and often make these a feature of new creations.
3. Due to the many variations in monitors, screens and browsers, colours may display differently to the way they appear in real life.