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Vintage fabric collection

I have decided to release a limited edition selection of treasured fabrics from my collection of vintage linens, laces, and cottons. This collection has been amassed from far and wide, including my own foraging adventures in the delightful brocantes of Paris and Provence.

These specially curated packs are designed to complement your own treasured fabric collection and provide inspiration for your slow stitching creations.

The vintage fabrics are time-worn and well loved, soft and sometimes delicate. Perfect for the layering and over stitching techniques I teach in my slow stitching classes. Some have minor marks, other have small tears, pulled threads or worn patches...these are the things that give them character and express their vintage beauty. I have also included some newer fabrics in complementary colours as a lovely counterpoint to the vintage pieces.

These packs are limited editions and available in small quantities only, because I only have a finite amount of each fabric available.

Some collections have only 16 packs available while others have more. However, what is absolute is that once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.

You can purchase the packs here or go to the shop page and look for the vintage fabric collection.

Please be aware, some of the vintage fabrics may contain marks and imperfections, due to their age and having been repaired many times over. At Forage we consider these imperfections a testament to a life well lived and often make these a feature of new creations.

It is my great pleasure to share these limited edition packs with you. I hope you get as much joy as I do from repurposing and breathing new life into treasured pieces.

Lisa xx