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About Lisa

Lisa has had a long and varied career in the creative industries. She has gathered expertise as a workshop facilitator, textile artist, florist, food stylist, and visual merchandiser.

She has owned two businesses; an upmarket florist and homewares store, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs and now channels her passion for creating and sharing into "FORAGE Slow Stitching".

FORAGE enables Lisa to combine her long-standing passion for vintage and reclaimed fabrics and stitching, and share them with others in the workshops she runs both in Australa and internationally.

Slow Stitching
Slow stitching centres around the “make do and mend” and “waste not, want not” ethos of yesteryear. It is a nod to the generations that came before ours in which reusing and recycling were necessary and admirable.

This is not a complicated process which relies on numerous fancy, perfectly executed stitches and fastidious neatness. 

Rather, we embrace the timeworn nature of our materials, and the individuality of our stitching methods. Simplicity is key. 

We are passionate fabric lovers, and we have a stash of “just because” pieces we’ve found along the way to prove it.

We love to hunt at flea markets, charity stores and church fetes for the cloth treasures and embellishments we will repurpose. Oh, so many possiblities!